S7 is the class A+ office complex, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The concept design and the execution is based on three core values: maximizing the employee well-being, minimizing the environmental impact and serving the local communities.
Object type

Class A+ office complex


82 500 sq. m


Vilnius, Lithuania

Built to suit:

UAB "M.M.M. projektai"

General contractor

UAB "Mitnija"

The employee is more valuable than the workplace
is the cornerstone view towards the S7 and was shared by the team of architects, led by Ulrik Raysse from Denmark and Aleksandras Gvildys from Lithuania.

"We refuse to cramp employees in boxes and put them on shelves", said Ulrik Raysse.  The architects emphasize emotional comfort of the employees and chose water as the dominant theme in the first S7 building that converts into an artificial pond in the inner yard. The laconic facade is in contrast to the inner courtyard, where dynamic and colorful mood prevails.

Specific architecture is deliberated: the goal is for every workstation to get as much natural light as possible.

To preserve the architectural face of Vilnius, we decided not to set skyscrapers up, but rather to adapt to the landscape. A concept of mid-rise buildings mixed with welcoming open spaces and urbanized nature is in harmony with the future developments of the district. Moreover, mid-rise buildings exhibit the best results considering employees’ well-being and group dynamics.

From roads and pavements both for the pedestrians and the cyclists, to security cameras - S7 has many features you would expect to find in a gated community, not an office building.
S7 construction timelapse video
Barcode facade

S7 is about making the arrival experience extraordinary. The simple volumes are designed with a calm and elegant barcode facade. This timeless facade creates a robust but relatively closed expression that contrast the open and transparent interior of the arrival courtyard.
Architects of the business complex UAB ARCHINOVA and ARROW Architects.


It clearly communicates a symbolic but also real openness and transparency of the company and the people working in the building.


The interior of the building becomes part of the outdoor spaces, to be enjoyed both by the people working here and people passing by. Interior created by A2SM Architects.


A large artwork on all cores embraces the courtyard space and reinforces the experience of uniqueness.

Special space

In this way S7 gives an experience back to the city and will with the other buildings in the master plan form a special space in Vilnius“, said Ulrik Raysse.

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